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Audiology Practice Brokering

Wake up and smell the coffee! You’ve worked long and hard to create a viable and profitable private practice. Now it’s time to start thinking about kicking back and enjoying your well-deserved cup of joe. Exit strategies are often a source of much consternation and anxiety for practice owners. What to do and where to find help can often be very frustrating.

Areas of Expertise

Practice Assessment and Valuation

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • Financial reporting
  • Statistical reporting
  • Legal status
  • Tax status
  • Marketplace analysis

Owner Status

  • Past and present involvement
  • Determination of goodwill

Purchase Structure

  • Purchasing entities
  • Purchasing timing
  • Purchasing duration
  • Purchase valuation strategies
  • Purchase funding
  • Legal and tax considerations

Future Involvement

  • Employment
  • Financing
  • Profit sharing/royalties

Emotional Adjustments

Our goal is to guide you through the often complex and potentially thorny process of obtaining the best offer for what all your hard work and effort has built today.