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Audiology Business Coaching

Our dedicated, experienced coaches will provide the results-oriented coaching you need to grow

With stronger competition, new technology and an evolving market, every practice can use a little pick-me-up at times.  Our people, process and strategy assessment will help determine the coaching, training and strategic opportunities that will lead to better results.

The AUDserv coaching staff has the perfect balance of extensive professional experience and responsiveness that can provide you with the right activities to improve your  clinic’s competitiveness.

Areas of Practice


  • Database selection and management
  • Human resources and recruiting
  • Financial management
  • Physical facilities

Clinical Services

  • Clinical protocols
  • Quality control
  • Continuing education

Marketing Services

  • Internal marketing
  • External marketing
  • Medical marketing
  • Public relations
  • Third party marketing and contracting


  • Vision and mission statement development
  • Goals and objectives
  • Strategic planning
  • Tactics and programs
  • Policies and procedures
  • Legal considerations
  • Consultant relations

The Results

With over 30 years of proven results in private practice management, our team of experts will create the right brew for your practice. We guarantee that your goals will be achieved and the final results will be a more profitable and sustainable practice.