Lead Generation

A smart and creative way to generate high-value leads month over month

A cost-effective process to consistently generate new leads will contribute to the success of your practice.  We can provide you with a proven process that includes the ability to mine and manage data, personalize the message and create unique mailings using VDP print-to-mail capabilities (for more information on VDP, click here). Combine that with our industry and marketing experience and you’re ensured a high ROI campaign.

Growth Marketing

You need to grow to survive and your marketing must be focused on the growth of your practice. As leaders in the audiology marketing world, we can provide you with the competitive advantage you need through our expertise and innovation. When we design a marketing strategy for you we always have the end result in mind:  to ensure the continued growth of your business.

Test Marketing

Once we are in the implementation stage of your marketing plan it is very important to track the response rates to the different mail / marketing tools that we use. The  effectiveness of any marketing program should be measured by the positive change it had on your bottom line earnings. We will look at numbers–the number of phone calls, appointments, sales revenue, close rates, average sales price, and website hits.

Business Analysis and Market Research

Our growth plan for your practice will be based on thorough analysis, market research and process improvement focused on your ROI. When your practice processes are aligned with your patient needs you will soon notice the positive impact on improved revenue.

Strategic Marketing Consulting

Simple question – not that easy to answer. Do you know how to effectively present your services to patients? Are you satisfied with the sales performance of your team?  We have the tools to measure your sales effectiveness, identify improvement areas and then work out a strategic plan to improve your results. We can offer you assessments of your people, processes and strategies to determine what coaching, training and strategic needs you have to ensure improved results.