Loyalty Marketing Services

Building patient loyalty with a highly personalized approach

A rich, consistent communication process that strengthens your relationship with your patient base is one of the foundations of a successful practice. Unfortunately, time, necessary resources and the marketing wherewithal to get the job done are often lacking. Using a combination of advanced database management, industry experience and VDP technology we can cost effectively handle your patient nurturing needs.

What is Loyalty Marketing?

Simply put–it is a process to regularly communicate with your patients in a personalized manner showing them that you care–because you do.

So, why is it not done more often? Even though every marketer and business owner considers it a best practice, loyalty marketing often goes underutilized for a variety of reasons, including lack of time, necessary resources and the marketing wherewithal to get the job done. We can change that.

The Power of Personalized Communication

For a patient, generic communication has very little impact.  Think of it this way: If a current patient came into your office, you would review customize your conversation based on the data in that file.

Your mail communication should be no different.  We can easily help you automate a customized communication strategy based on factors like the type of hearing loss, age of the hearing aid, birthday, purchase anniversary or warranty expiration. This will help you build stronger patient relationships and open new sources of revenue.

The Power of Technology

While 100% personalized newsletters and postcards might sound impossible or impossibly expensive, they really aren’t.  Using VDP (variable data printing) technology, we tell our printing presses to use certain pictures for one person and another set for a different person.  We might use different background colors for different geographies.  We can even add articles based on their type of hearing loss!  And of course, we can integrate your patients name and hearing aid models into the communication.  Best of all, this can be controlled completely by software and driven by your patient data!  Click here for more on VDP.

The Importance of Expertise

Our team is uniquely qualified to assist you with the development and implementation of a loyalty marketing strategy. Our combined hearing industry experience and database marketing expertise means we can hit the ground running to help grow your practice.

Turnkey, Integrated, Nurturing Campaigns

The right campaign puts you in control of the relationship-building process between you and your patient. Our team will work with you to develop a personalized implementation strategy that ensures your people, processes, and technology work in concert. This in turn leads to reduced marketing costs, more revenue and increased profitability.

The Value of a Loyal Customer?

Most estimates are that every patient in your database should produce, on average, about $1,000 per year in revenue. If you consider warranties, repairs, batteries, referrals and new purchases that number may be conservative.

At about $5 per year per patient our automated processes will counterbalance costly new patient acquisition campaigns producing cost-effective opportunities within your active patient files. Consider it your highest ROI marketing investment. We’ll help you recognize that “churning,” when new patient acquisition barely exceeds patient loss, is not a great business plan. Shift your marketing dollars to include retention marketing activities and you will see rapid bottom line results.

What’s Our Secret?

Advanced data base abilities combined with VDP digital presses allow us to produce a uniquely personalized communication campaign, such as a newsletter, birthday card, holiday card and annual appointment reminder, for each active patient in your database. Any information contained in the patient database, including name, address, demographics, purchase history, degree of loss, date of last visit and dozens of other variables, can be included on the mail piece. The end result is a personalized communication from you to your patient that reflects their individual needs and preferences, which increases the relevance of the piece and ultimately boosts the response rate.

Multi-channel Marketing

If your focus is web based, targeting younger audiences and promoting e-campaigns – we can help.  With the growth of the Internet and mobile communication platforms, you’ll need a partner to help you evolve and move forward as technology opens more collaborative and social communication channels. This includes tools for managing relationships with patients that go beyond simple demographic and customer service data.

Now More Than Ever Think Loyalty Marketing

Patient focused programs can affect the way your patients interact with your practice, most notably where, when and which products they intend to purchase. This is an especially important tool for a practice that focuses its marketing efforts on the Senior Market for the purpose of selling and fitting hearing aids.